Sunday, January 13, 2013

100 Followers! Wow!

Good Evening Blog Land,

I have been absent from blog land for a long time an extended break. I am sure all of you lovely teachers that are experiencing the curriculum shift to common core completely understand. I am also finishing up my master's degree and am currently working on my time consuming portfolio. The one thing I hate about doing this portfolio is know I did all this work for only one person to read it. Oh the joys of education.

Anyone else getting a master's degree eve think, didn't they tell us in our education classes to not give busy work. I felt like I had a few classes that had a lot of busy work and will fit no where in my portfolio.

While I was gone, I reached 100 followers! I remember when I started thinking this would never happen and I still can't believe it!  I really appreciate all of you. I have a lot of wonderful ideas to share with you and one of my resolutions this year is to share more on my blog. So here is a quick share of things that are currently going in my life and school life!

My new office chair that I got for my birthday! I will be spending a lot more time in here.
Husband and I started eating healthier.
I really should say I am eating healthier but the husband is tagging along.
I participate in a flash mob at school for a good cause! You should watch it! I'm in the second row! 

As some of you that have read my blog for awhile know, my grandpa has alzheimer's (it really deserves a name like the worst most horrible disease). Please do not feel bad for me. My grandpa is in no pain. He is a strong man that has survived cancer, diabetes, and sadly a cure for alzheimer's has yet to be found. I cannot stress the importance of using your mind daily. My grandpa and I have always had a very close relationship as my grandma says I am my grandpa's granddaughter. 

Overall, life is pretty busy but wonderful. I'll be sharing healthy lunch ideas for teachers, how co-teaching is going, how resource math and common core is working out, and several other topics will be discussed in the near future. If you have any great ideas for a post, let me know!

Have a Wonderful Monday,


Heather said...

Your new chair is AWESOME! And that is a sweet picture of you and your grandpa. He is lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing, Heather

Tasha Whitt said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. :-( That is a very cruel disease. I am a new 20 something teacher, too! I was with K and 1st, but may be with 5th and 6th this year. They are supposed to get things figured out within a week or 2! I am now following you!

Cathy Oliver said...

I am so glad that I have located a resource on the internet that is working in a resource setting with
8th graders. Thanks for being here.